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Higamos Hogamos - Fuzzy Majesty EP [INVINC 02]

Higamos Hogamos - Fuzzy Majesty EP [INVINC 02]

Invisible Inc's second release comes courtesy of kosmische synthesizer maestros Higamos Hogamos.

Steve Webster's Higamos Hogamos return in yet another incarnation, again collaborating with some awesome musicians and some crazy old machines. This recording finally showcasing the talents of Andrew Robertson on guitar and Whetham Allpress on drums.

The Fuzzy Majesty EP adds a solid muscular groove to the “kosmische” sound first heard on the eponymous debut album. The result is a music that utterly defies classification. Recalling artists as diverse as Can, Parliament, Zappa, Cluster, Material, Ashra and Eno all bathing in some cosmic funky slop.

Limited to only 300 vinyl copies.

Here's what's they say:


Sounds really very good. At some points it has a sort of Hawkwind-ish approach to it....too bad styles like this are no longer pushed by DFA and DC so much lately” (Dompteur Mooner/Zombie Nation/Erkrankung Durch Musique)

A refreshingly original EP full of wildly inventive ideas” (JD Twitch/Optimo)

Sounds very nice! Love the reference and inspirations for each track and the variety. Some more Post Punk Dance and some more Kraut even up to pre-baggy Indy. Inwards Empire, Lionhead and Cold 100 are the ones for me” (Robi Insinna/Headman/Relish Recordings)

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