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Jon Keliehor - The Beginning Of Time [INVINC 09]

Jon Keliehor - The Beginning Of Time [INVINC 09]

We’re extremely pleased here at Invisble Inc HQ to be releasing this amazing new album by veteran multi-instrumentalist and ethno-musicologist Jon Keliehor.

Originally from Seattle and musically active since the 1960s Jon started out playing drums and percussion in bands like The Daily Flash and Bodine all the while becoming known as a venerable session and touring musician in his own right. Not many people can claim to have played alongside Jim Morrison AND James Brown….but Jon certainly has.

Moving to London in the ’70s where he lived until the mid ’80s, Jon started composing music for theatre, drama and dance. During this time his own work veered toward the more experimental and it was during this period that two of his “cult” library music albums saw the light of day (East Meets West on Bruton and Avantgarde on Studio G).

Returning to Seattle in the early ’90s Jon joined Gamelan Pacifica where he developed his knowledge of Javanese and Balinese gamelan and for whom he became a primary composer of non-traditional pieces.

In the late ’90s Jon moved to Glasgow with world renowned percussionist (and his then partner) Signy Jacobsdottir and they both became staple members of Gamelan Naga Mas with whom they are still active today.
Here’s what people have said about ‘The Beginning Of Time’

“An epically great album and my most listened to record over summer 2016” (JD Twitch / Optimo)

“A truly timeless and vast 4th World musical vision for an off-world generation. Masterpiece” (House of Traps / Firecracker Recordings / Unthank / Sacred Summits)

“Fantastic LP bringing to mind elements of Tor Lundvall, Jon Hassell and Paulo Modugno. Recommended listen for anyone who enjoys zoning out to natural sound” (12th Isle Transmissions)

Featured in Clone Records (NL) Top 10

Featured in ‘Staff Picks’ at Piccadilly Records (UK)

Featured as Optimo’s ‘Album Of The Month’ in Monorail (UK)

"The Beginning

In one sense the music of The Beginning of Time appears as a real-time soundscape that unfolds within different landscapes of nature. Yet here time and space seem altered, stretched into complexes of sonic layers, sound horizons and ever-widening boundaries. Curled-up and unfolding shapes in this domain suggest symbolic meanings yet language has been surpassed. The music is a reminder of ritual significance, shamanic journey, binding relationships between humans, nature and planet. While the question of Time and its beginning can offer a discussion on the nature of origin, perhaps even on the rise of humanity, words become inadequate. Instead we are directed to look at the magnetism of our own nature, the mythology surrounding Time. When did we actually begin?

During these recordings music has been made directly in response to the sounds of nature. I see these field recordings as elements that are integral to the music itself. Here nature sets the pace. Rhythmic and tonal aspects of rivers, ocean waves and nature-life guide and shape the music elements. Nature’s vitality and motion provide impulses and signals not different from those of human biology, micro-molecular patterns, cells sending messages to other cells. These ambient source recordings have come from widely diverse nature and industrial locations. I have hoped to reconcile the balance and harmony that music has with nature, listening for chance interactions, investigating relationships between primitive and refined attributes in sound, as well as these qualities in instruments themselves. The music instruments used are primarily acoustic

It is a unique challenge to combine live and often primitive instruments such as those heard on these recordings into the mysterious wholeness of music. Yet with all the inconsistencies and imperfections of sound that acoustic instruments have, we find a relief from the perfectly sampled music sounds and repetitive loops in much of today’s music. Now it becomes possible to enter the more fluid world of subtle acoustic tones, to discover the living ambiences and spatial coordinates that exist around sounds, and see the performer's ability to engage in these aspects.

Encounters in Nature: Pacific Ocean, Scottish Rivers, Hoh Rainforest, Venezuelan Rainforest, Auric telemetry fields.

Rainforest Creatures: Frogs, Toads, Peepers, Hieroglyphic and Lyric cicada, and many types of crickets.

Instruments: Burmese, Javanese and Chinese gongs, Wind Gongs, Antique bell sets from Turkey, China, America & India, Rattle bells, African log drums, Frame drums, Darbouka, Roto Toms, Venezuelan bell plates, Balinese Guntang and Suling, Noah Bells, Nepalese Kyezee, Berimbau, Ektara, Bowed cymbals and metals, Tibetan bowl sets, Roulette Wheels, Tension wires, Bumblebee hummers, Miniature Harmonicas, Spring Can, Glass tones, Plastic horns, Animal flutes, Whistles, Acoustic Harp, Marimba, Zithers"