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Peter Power & Friends - Awake Into Life [INVINC 15]

Peter Power & Friends - Awake Into Life [INVINC 15]


Invisible, Inc. again turn to the mystic sounds of the 'fourth world' for their latest release by bringing cosmic voyager Peter Power into the fold.

Previously only available digitally “Awake Into Life” by 'Peter Power & Friends’ finally comes out on vinyl courtesy of the like-minded Invisible Inc. Alongside Peter himself, the “friends” are a band of collaborators from around the world: Australia’s Bronze Savage (Aficionado Recordings) and Brazil’s Psilosamples (Desmonta/Octave) to name just two. The resulting mystical brew is meditative, hypnotic and indeed deeply psychedelic.....and most certainly well worthy of seeing the light of day as a physical release.

Originally hailing from the emerald isle of Ireland and settling for a while in Berlin, Peter Power now resides in Bahia, Brazil close to where the world famous and free-wheeling Voodoohop collective sprung its roots on the streets and clubs of Sao Paolo. Peter has been a continuing member of the Voodoohop crew for a couple of years and has toured with them extensively as both musician and performer. Respected as a DJ and a producer his unique world-flavoured brand of electronic music has been released on Multi Culti, Kleine Reise, Crime City, Polychrome Sounds and now Invisible, Inc.

Limited to 300 copies with download card. Copies come individually hand-numbered.

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