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The Poncho Brothers - Disco Azteca EP [INVINC 03]

The Poncho Brothers - Disco Azteca EP [INVINC 03]

Invisible Inc's third release departs in yet another direction as they reissue (and revamp/remaster) '80s new wave/psychedelic disco outfit The Poncho Brothers.

Fully remastered from the original tapes (the three original cuts were recorded between 1987 and 1990) these percussive no wave/new wave, disco-funk jammers are now firmly rocketed into the 21st century with Zoovox's (of Lectric Sands fame) stripped down, synth-heavy stellar remix of Amantes Latinos.

Getting plays from Daniele 'Cosmic' Baldelli, JD Twitch/Optimo, Jan Schulte, DJ Kaos, The Beat Broker, Kirsty P. + more.

Limited to 300 copies.

Here's what's they say:


“Oro Liquido is my Jam!! Great stuff.” (Jan Schulte / Bufiman / Wolf Muller / Themes For Great Cities)

“Very good tracks.....all of them” (Daniele “Cosmic” Baldelli / Eskimo / Let's get lost)

Can't stop playing this one. Especially Danza Oscuro and Oro Liquido mesmerising....feel a warm glow from within whenever I play them. 10/10” (Kirsty P / Deep Vibes / Balearic Social)

Way into this” (The Beat Broker)

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