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Tross - Coast To Coast EP [INVINC 05]

Tross - Coast To Coast EP [INVINC 05]

Our latest offering comes courtesy of Swedish psych rock / krautrock four-piece Tross and shows quite a departure for us from our predominantly electronic releases so far. Veering towards a new territory that's distinctly more psychedelic and organic than any of our previous releases the EP somehow manages to maintain a strong common musical thread that ties in with the “kosmische” leanings of previous ventures.

Tross have developed a strong reputation for being a live experience well worth seeing on their home turf in Sweden and the songs on this EP capture that live energy and essence in a way that so many studio bands just can't seem to do. The tracks progress further and further out there as the musicians get into their groove, each player's talent clear to hear. At times deliberately monotonous, Tross have honed their skill at playing non-traditional song structures and creating with each song a forward hypnotic momentum that takes the listener into another space altogether.

With the ”Coast To Coast” EP Tross give not just a nod of respect to their kraut / psych forefathers but display an originality unique to the band: the throbbing, pulsing basslines of tracks such as War Of Apples show that the music is as well geared towards the dancefloor as it is towards the 'heads' at home.

Limited to only 300 vinyl copies.

Getting plays from Andy Weatherall, Psychemagik, Soft Rocks and more

“So refreshing to hear something different these days. All the right ingredients in this package, some proggy new wave and kraut influences yet still highly original sounds, excited to hear more from this lot” (Psychemagik)

“All great.........will play them all” (Chris Galloway / Soft Rocks / Pure Pleasure Music)